Course Structure
FUNCTIONAL CORES First Semester (FT)/ First Year (PT)
Professional and academic Support Skills 15CATS
Economics and Marketing 15 CATS
This module will explore the effects of the external business environment on the performance and functions of the business with a particular emphasis on the marketing function.
Managing Through Information 15 CATS
This module focuses on the needs and requirements of management for accounting and other quantitative information and its use to promote effective management
Leading and Managing Change 15 CATS

INTEGRATION AND CHOICE Second Semester (FT)/ Second Year (PT)
Managing Strategy 15 CATS
This module provides a general grounding in the tools and processes of strategic analysis, evaluation, selection and implementation.
Managing Risk 15 CATS
This module covers key issues related to the management of business risk under uncertainty.

Operations Management 15 CATS (MBA General)
This module develops a variety of management themes and will then focus on the management of operations through to the ultimate delivery of both products and services to consumers.
Selected Studies Module 15 CATS (MBA General)
Choose one(1) option units from the following:
  • Strategies for Project Management (15 CATS)
  • Building Relationships via E Marketing (15 CATS)
  • Applied Business Techniques (15 CATS)
  • Business Creativity and Innovation (15 CATS)
Managerial Finance 15 CATS (MBA in Finance)
International Finace 15 CATS (MBA in Finance)

Business Research Methods (3rd and 4th semester) 15 CATS
Dissertation 45 CATS

This module will develop a broad knowledge of the principles of researching the business environment in order to provide a systematic understanding of a chosen topic of research appropriate to this award
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