Mission of the Business Administration Dept is to promote the knowledge and practice of Business Administration and educate competent executives. It aims at providing students with the necessary theoretical and applied scientific knowledge in the fields of Business Administration, Tourism, Project Management and Marketing. The objective of the department is to fully equip our students and graduates with knowledge and skills in applying current scientific methods, tools and methodologies in order for them to enter the labour market, staff public and private organizations and occupy managerial positions both in Greece and abroad.

The course curriculum (last revised in August 2013) has been developed on the basis of the requirements of the Law and the labour market needs, with reference to similar Greek and international curricula on the subject of Business Administration, and it is constantly updated through the internal and external evaluation process. It combines both theoretical and practical knowledge to meet the operational and planning needs of contemporary business enterprises, especially in times of economic crisis.

The curriculum of the Tourism & Hospitality Management course is based on the operations of tourist facilities management, tourist services management, and the processes of recruitment in tourism bodies that are responsible for tourism planning and the tourism industry as a whole. Also, it focuses on the application of specialized scientific practices in tourism.

The members of the Academic staff, the Technical Staff, and Administrative Staff of the Department aim at providing high-quality educational services, focus on implementing significant research projects and have developed partnerships with educational and research institutions both at home and abroad.

The faculty of the department have developed extensive activities in scientific research, with a large number of scientific articles published in international journals, in the proceedings of Greek and international scientific conferences, scientific yearbooks of Greek and foreign universities and honorary volumes issued by Greek universities.

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